Food Safety

Monday, December 1, 2014

“The most common food safety issues in plants are practices such as propping doors open….” Jim Kinane, Senior MEP/Process Engineer.

“Easiest fix in your plant” Unsanitary Doors - Doors made of non-chemical cleaning resistant materials, or with water-retaining or microbial harborage points, should be replaced.

Renovate for the right reasons.


Why Dortek Hygienic Doors?

Dortek - GRP
Dortek – GRP










- Smooth seamless hygienic outer surface.

- Door and frame completely void free – nowhere that moisture and bacteria can gather undetected.

- Ledges minimised….ie window is same thickness as door, window is completely flush both sides of the door.

- Resistant to commonly used cleaning agents. – Lightweight yet very strong, easy to operate. – High hygiene and fire rating in one door. Fire certificated to BS, EN, China, Singapore, Australia and NZ standards.

Premier Plastics are the Australian Agents for Dortek

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