Bulk PVC


Rolls of Coloured PVC

Premier Plastics uses flexible PVC plastic to manufacture our premium quality Strip Doors, Swingflex PVC Doors and Rapid Auto Roll Doors.

We can also order bulk and replacement plastic, which can be cut to your requirements or purchased as full rolls in a variety of sizes.

Premier Plastics’ superior quality Polyskin PVC is available to bulk buy in a variety of colours. We also stock bulk and replacement PVC in a wide variety of thicknesses, widths and roll sizes.

Features & Benefits of Premier Plastics Bulk Buy PVC

  • Medium sound transmission characteristics at as low as 5mm thickness
  • High flexibility
  • Glass like transparency
  • Sound mechanical characteristics
  • Superior sound reduction properties with K 3016/35 composition*
  • Smooth surface, ideal for hygiene/clean room areas and wet areas
  • High resistance to weathering and chemicals.


*Noise reduction measure is only as good as its weakest point component; roughly 10% (non-insulated) of the opening reduces sound insulation by 50%.

Bulk Buy PVC Properties

View our many various plastic roll sizes and colours.

Polyskin Colour Chart*


*NOTE that these colours are only an approximate representation of the available colours and meant for the benefit of our clients. These colours may appear in different hue, saturation, tint and shade depending on the viewers’ computer screen and its resolution, operating system and version used, internet browser and its settings, etc.


Plastic Weight*

Rolls of Coloured PVC

Rolls of Coloured PVC



2mm 2.5 kgs per mtr square
3mm 3.8 kgs per mtr square
4mm 5.0 kgs per mtr square
5mm 6.2 kgs per mtr square
7mm 8.7 kgs per mtr square
10mm 12.4 kgs per mtr square

*Note that these are approximate weights only.

If you’re unsure, contact our friendly team at Premier Plastics to enquire about plastic weight, thickness and bulk buying.